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Brand Introduction

Viza Hua [Riserva]-- Italian, "collection", "collection",
At the same time implied appreciation and honor,
Art beats nature. Italy, is a symbol of identity,Exalted tension.

Brand Idea
Brand Story
Special licensing brand of Riserva--Swarovski(R)Elements is an important
honor of Swarovski Company, and just provided to powerful,
far-sighted, credible and high-quality crystal lamp manufacturers.
Kamtat Lighting, as one of two crystal lighting manufacturers
obtaining the honor in Greater China, represents reflected
reputable process of Kamtat Lighting and crystal of Swarovski(R)Elements
to create crystal lighting series of Riserva--Swarovski(R)Elements.
Brand and design

Products Center

Riserva Crystal Lamp,With the light of the art, giving home art museum class enjoyment
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